Was Built By Industry Experts

Popular Restaurant Parts was created by industry experts who understood many of the parts in a commercial kitchen were identical from one machine to the next. Parts come from one supplier's assembly line and are sent to different equipment manufacturers, stamped with their own part number, and sold at a substantial markup at OEM prices. Because of this proprietary numbering shell-game, there sometimes is just no easy way to get around the expense of finding replacement, non-OEM parts.

Comparing notes and doing considerable research, trimmed the long list of parts a service technician uses and ended up with the 1000 most used parts in the industry. Hence the name - PRP1000. Of course we've continued to add to our product list to meet customer demands!

No matter what machines you're fixing, or where in North America you're fixing them, chances are that you're buying the same parts we sell each and every day. We've built a business that would save our customers up to $30,000 per year per technician if they purchased the same parts from us that they're currently buying elsewhere. We drop-ship in a plain, unmarked box with a return business name of "Replacement Parts", and with a packing slip of the same name and with no pricing.

We'd really love the opportunity to earn your business! 


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